Back to Schools: Books set in a School ~ Sunday Stack #18

Happy Sunday Lovelies! As we approach September, it seemed only appropriate for this week’s stack to be all about school. For today’s post I have picked four books set in schools, all with some sort of fantastical element. I will condess that I have only read one of these books in this stack, and evenContinue reading “Back to Schools: Books set in a School ~ Sunday Stack #18”

Favourite July Reads – Sunday Stack #15

Hello Lovelies! Happy August! I’m sure like me you are absolutely baffled that we are in August. This year is simultaneously the slowest and the quickest year I feel like there has ever been. July was definitely a much trickier month for me, reading and life-wise, so I’m quite happy to see the end ofContinue reading “Favourite July Reads – Sunday Stack #15”

The Mid Year Freakout Tag 2020

In true ‘Bronwen’ style, I’m doing this tag a little late. I have seen it floating around the internet and have been loving reading everyone else’s posts so knew it was time to actually sit down and actually write mine. I can’t believe this year is racing past us, that we’re actually already thinking aboutContinue reading “The Mid Year Freakout Tag 2020”

#Stayhomereadingrush TBR

In a bit of a whirlwind-last-minute decision yesterday, I’ve decided to take on two readathons this month and haphazardly threw together a TBR for the #stayhomereadingrush. Originally, I was set against taking part, deciding that as I was doing the OWLsreadathon already I would most definitely be putting too much on my plate. But asContinue reading “#Stayhomereadingrush TBR”