What I got up to in Edinburgh

Just before Christmas, I was lucky enough to go to Edinburgh, one of my favourite cities in the world, to embrace some festive joy. I have been to Edinburgh once before during Fringe, and have been dying to go back ever since. When my boyfriend and I were thinking about where to spend a coupleContinue reading “What I got up to in Edinburgh”

Travel Wish List – World Edition

Recently, I posted a blog post listing all the places that I am eager to visit in the UK and I absolutely loved writing it. Although I always knew that these were places that I wanted to visit, actually compiling it into a list was so much fun and made me actually think that IContinue reading “Travel Wish List – World Edition”

Travel Wishlist – Uk Edition.

I have to say, I always used to view myself as a homebug. I have never really liked the idea of travel and misunderstood this as meaning that I hated visiting new places. It’s true, I do hate travel. I hate the whole process of travelling. I don’t drive, so most of my travel plansContinue reading “Travel Wishlist – Uk Edition.”

Mulling about in Maastricht

My, I have been lucky this year with travelling! I thought today I would tell you about my recent trip to Maastricht in the Netherlands. Although not as ‘high-profile’ or ‘touristy’ as Amsterdam, this city was simply lovely to visit and made the perfect city break. I went to Maastricht with my family as weContinue reading “Mulling about in Maastricht”

A Trip to Amsterdam

As the rain drizzles outside and hits noisily against the conservatory roof, it seems only appropriate that I write a blog post about my absolutely dreamy weekend away to Amsterdam. It was definitely a trip that I had been looking forward to ever since we booked it three months ago, and it definitely lived upContinue reading “A Trip to Amsterdam”