Beautiful Spines – Sunday Stack #4

Hello and happy weekend! Today I have another Sunday Stack post for you, and the prompt for this week was ‘Beautiful Spines’. I am definitely a sucker for a beautiful book so picking which ones to single out was definitely a difficult task. This is from a Sunday Stack challenge I am running over onContinue reading “Beautiful Spines – Sunday Stack #4”

Heroes and Villains – Sunday Stack #3

Today I have another Sunday Stack blog post for you, this one based on ‘Heroes and Villians’. Everyone knows it is the making of a good novel for have a hero your heart goes out to, and villians that make your blood boil. We love to be reminded of ultimate bravery and ultimate treachery inContinue reading “Heroes and Villains – Sunday Stack #3”

Worlds to Escape into – Sunday Stack #2

For me, my love for reading comes from the fact it gives me an opportunity to escape reality for a moment. Books allow you to step into a safe space of imagination, where all is possible and wonderful. I always love finding new worlds that I can immerse myself in, and thought that for today’sContinue reading “Worlds to Escape into – Sunday Stack #2”