Favourite June Reads ~ Sunday Stack #11

Hello lovelies and welcome to the first #sundaystack post of July. If you aren’t aware, each week I’ve been running a #sundaystack series over on my bookstagram and here and I have been absolutely loving it. It has been so much fun to design over lockdown and something that I am determined to continue. ItContinue reading “Favourite June Reads ~ Sunday Stack #11”

Summer Reads ~ Sunday Stack # 10

Hello lovelies! It has been an absolute scorcher here in the UK for the last couple of days, so this feels like the perfect time to start talking about Summer Reads. For me, Summer Reads are always contemporaries. They are also nice ‘easy’ comfort reads that you can lose yourself in whilst you soak inContinue reading “Summer Reads ~ Sunday Stack # 10”

Battles, Quests, and Journeys – Sunday Stack #9

Happy Sunday readers! Today’s Sunday stack prompt was Battles, Quests, and Journeys and I absolutely loved picking books for this stack. I feel like these three things can make or break an adventure novel, and when they are pulled off beautiful it often makes a book my firm favourite. I tried to pick a rangeContinue reading “Battles, Quests, and Journeys – Sunday Stack #9”

Books You Can’t Wait to Read – Sunday Stack #6

Happy Sunday my lovelies and welcome to the last Sunday Stack of May. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this little series I’ve started over here and on my bookstagram. It has been absolutely wonderful to see other people taking part as well. Today’s prompt is ‘Books you cannot wait to read’ and, considering Lockdown means that IContinue reading “Books You Can’t Wait to Read – Sunday Stack #6”

Favourite Genre – Sunday Stack #5

Happy Sunday Lovelies! I hope this week was alright. I have been balancing planning lessons with reading in the sun and I am loving that it is getting lighter in the evenings now. Today I have another Sunday Stack post for you, with this week’s prompt being Favourite Genres. A reminder that this is aContinue reading “Favourite Genre – Sunday Stack #5”

Beautiful Spines – Sunday Stack #4

Hello and happy weekend! Today I have another Sunday Stack post for you, and the prompt for this week was ‘Beautiful Spines’. I am definitely a sucker for a beautiful book so picking which ones to single out was definitely a difficult task. This is from a Sunday Stack challenge I am running over onContinue reading “Beautiful Spines – Sunday Stack #4”