‘Memoirs of a Dutiful Daughter’ by Simone de Beauvoir.

One of my favourite reads of 2016 came just before it ended and by golly I think it might possibly be one of my favourite reads of all time. I fell in love with this autobiography’s witty style and lovable voice and when I wondered what to post this week I knew it just hadContinue reading “‘Memoirs of a Dutiful Daughter’ by Simone de Beauvoir.”

‘Trapped in Silver’ extracts review!

Trapped in Silver by Emily Sowden is a book I have been anticipating for a long time. It comes out on the 7th Feb 2017 so it isn’t quite in my page devouring hands but Oftomes (the publishers) have released the first four chapters on Wattpad and, on seeing this, I just had to checkContinue reading “‘Trapped in Silver’ extracts review!”

A Very Studenty Christmas…

I will quite happily admit that I am a Christmas-a-holic. I love everything about the festive season and this year I have caught the bug badly. I think it’s because Christmas to me is such a family time and, as I have been feeling quite homesick at the moment, I think I have been overcompensatingContinue reading “A Very Studenty Christmas…”