Memory Lane: Childhood Reads – Sunday Stack #17

Who doesn’t love a trip down memory lane? In today’s post I wanted to share four books that I loved during my childhood, and that had a profound effect on me, especially as a reader.

There are many other books that I could have put in this post, and I had so much fun picking which books I wanted to included. There were so many great reads that I absolutely adored, like The Mortal Instruments or the series by she who must not be named, but I have tried to pick the books I found myself turning back to over and over again.

Flambards by KM Peyton

Trigger warnings: grief; orphaned; manipulation; bullying

I’ve mentioned this series before but this has to be one of my favourite books from my childhood. You can probably see from the picture that my copy is well worn and well loved. I was so obsessed with the main character Christina and I loved that it combined my two favourite childhood things: history and horses.

Christina Parsons, who has been shunted around the family since she was orphaned at the age of five years in 1901, is sent to live at Flambards with her mother’s half-brother, the crippled Russell. Her Aunt Grace speculates that Russell plans for Christina to marry his son Mark to restore Flambards to its former glory using the money that she will inherit on her twenty-first birthday. Mark is as brutish as his father, with a great love for hunting, whereas the younger son William is terrified of horses after a hunting accident and aspires to be an aviator. Christina soon finds friendship with the injured William, who challenges her ideas on class boundaries, as well as her love for horses and hunting. William and Christina eventually fall in love and run away from the hunt ball to London, hoping to marry.

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

I first read this beautiful classic when I was just about to enter secondary school and fell instantly in love with it. It was part of a suggested reading list set out to year 6s before the September start, and being the eager beaver decided to spend the whole summer trying to work my way through it. I loved the sass of Lizzie, had my heart broken by Wickham, and longed for the world of taffeta dresses and fancy balls

Anne of Green Gables by L M Montgomery

Another series that I was completely devoted to was L M Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables. My original set have long since been lost, having not quite survived too many moves. However, why this series is so nostalgic for me is because of the way I collected these reads. Every year my family used to go away to caravan club sites, each of which always had a little charity book drop, where you paid something silly like 20p and could take a few books. Now, I’m not quite sure why but it seemed like all of them contained a book from this series and so I would try and collect them all across our visits. Now, every time I think of Anne’s adventures, I can’t help but think about our family holidays as well.

Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

This is another read that is heavily steeped in nostalgia for me. Often, whilst we were picking where to go on holiday with the caravan, we would find ourselves gravitating to the New Forest. In the town of Lyndhurst, practically every cafe, gift shop, and town statue is related to Alice in wonderland, my particular favourite being The Mad Hatters Cafe, where we were always allowed a mint hot chocolate. This is because in the church, Alice herself is buried (or at least the woman who inspired Carroll). As the New Forest (and Alice) is something that has been in my life for so long, I am absolutely obsessed with all things wonderland based, and currently have 4 editions of the tales! This Barnes and Noble Bind Up is my particular favourite because – well- isn’t it beautiful!

And there we have it! I absolutely adored this journey down memory lane. What’s your favourite childhood read?

6 thoughts on “Memory Lane: Childhood Reads – Sunday Stack #17

  1. Alice in Wonderland is a beautiful story! Through the Looking Glass is just as good in my opinion. I read both as an adult because I wouldn’t be able to appreciate them otherwise. When I was younger I really enjoyed the Harry Potter series, Huckleberry Finn, Goosebumps series and Treasure Island. You could always find me reading!


  2. I love that you were going through books that brought you happiness during your childhood. That’s amazing! If I did that, I would read The Chronicles of Narnia, The Mandie Collection, and hmm… probably Little Women. But honestly, the books I’ve reread the most have been from high school and on… and that list would be quite different haha!


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