One Stack, One Colour – Sunday Stack #14

I can’t believe I have been doing these Sunday Stacks for 14 weeks now! What started out as a fun little project I made to help me get through lockdown has blossomed into a series in its own right over here on my corner of the internet. I’m very happy to say I have another fun month of prompts to share for August and my head is already spinning with the books I can pick for them! August will see me moving into a new house (hopefully!) so things may be a bit haphazard whilst my life is in boxes, but it also means all my books will be reunited under one roof for the first time since I was 18 which is exciting.

But before I get ahead of myself, let’s focus on today’s stack. If you weren’t aware, this is a series I run over on my bookstagram and (in more detail) here on my blog, and is a great opportunity to share some truly wonderful reads. It’s been lovely to see other people get involved too, which is something I never really imagined when I started it. Today’s prompt was quite liberal, being just ‘One Stack, One Colour’. For my stack, I have picked the colour blue, which seems the most predominant on my shelves at the moment. There’s a wide range of picks here from a range of genres and I can’t wait to share them with you today!

The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller.

I feel like all I have done since I’ve read this book is rave about it! In this book, Miller creates a heartbreaking retelling of the Battle of Troy, all centred around the character (and infamy) of Achilles. Yet, the stoic, cruel, violent Achilles of lore is not the one you meet in these pages. Instead, you are presented with a loyal, innocent, naive boy who is burdened by destiny, who is viewed by people not as a person but for what he represents. This is definitely one of my favourite reads of 2020, and we’re only half way through!

The Corset by Laura Purcell

Laura Purcell is one of my favourite writers of all time. She creates intricate, gothic, dark mysteries that combine my favourite elements of Neo-Victorian fiction. In The Corset, readers are presented with a mystery of deadly proportions. Ruth Betterman is in prison awaiting trial for murder, a murder she claims she didn’t commit, but that her needle and thread did. Left to debate whether a criminal mastermind is at work, or perhaps more devious, supernatural forces, this book will absolutely chill you! I’m definitely due a reread and may save this for the spookier months of the year.

Something to Tell You – Lucy Diamond

From the spooky, to something a little more light hearted. In this read, Lucy Diamond takes you on an absolute emotional rollercoaster. On the surface, this read is about Frankie, as she tries to track down her – married – birth dad after her mother’s death. However, the book as a whole follows the repuccussion of this dark secret as it comes into the light, looking to see how it affects each of the family members. I absolutely adored this read and think it is so entirely important. It emphasises the importance of family, including the family you make for yourself.

The Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare.

This is one of my favourite shadowhunters books. The second in the Dark Artifices series, this book is full of secrets and discovery. I loved how character driven this read was and grew completely obsessed with each of them. This was definitely my favourite book of the series!

Glass Town by Isabel Greenberg

Glass Town is the first ever graphic novel I’ve read and I adored it. Greenberg reimagines the world created by the Brontes when they were children, recasting it in an almost Narnia-like narrative. As you travel between the adventures in Glass Town and the tragedies in the Brontes’ lives, you are taken along a story of survival, determination, and discovery. I adored this and thought it was such a clever read.

So there’s my ‘One Stack, One colour’ post for today! Each of these books has such a special place in my heart and I’m so happy to have shared them with you. Now all that’s left is to share the prompts for August!

August is definitely the month of summer for me, what with a whole month without school and instead with the potential for adventure! I tried to pick prompts that reflected this as best as possible, but also with those that I like reading during this time. Don’t forget to take part and make sure you tag me if you do so I can check them out (I’m @babblesnbooks on everything). You can also be as liberal with the prompts as you want.

Until August then!

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