The Christmas Day Tag

Who just doesn’t bloody love Christmas? As the month of December steam rolls past us, I can feel myself entering a festive frenzy. Christmas presents bought, Christmas jumper worn… and it’s all leading up to the big day. When I saw bekk4’s tag over on her blog, I knew I just had to do it. So cozy up, strap yourself in, as I share with you a little sprinkle of my perfect Christmas.

What time do you wake up?

Christmas in my household pretty much starts the moment the sun rises… and sometimes before! We pretty much always attended midnight mass which means that we can always say ‘Merry Christmas’ to each other the moment the clocks strike on the exciting day, and I really love that little tradition of ours. Whilst some might appreciate a long lie in after staying up into the early hours of the morning, my family always get up around 8 am, largely because my little sister is just overcome with excitment. She’s 21 by the way … so it isn’t as cute as it might be! Although, to be honest, my household has always been early risers, so even if it was an ordinary day, I can’t imagine anyone waking up much past 9am.

Where will you be spending the day?

We have always had the exact same Christmas day since the first day I walked onto this earth. Christmas always happens at my parents house and, as we have quite a small family, it is usually just my parents, my sister, my nan, and I, all gathered together in the front room, hopefully by the fire. Everything happens in our front room, whether that’s present opening, Doctor Who special-ing (RIP), or eating Christmas dinner. For me, that’s what Christmas is.

What will you be wearing?

My sister and I always take our Christmas outfits very seriously. Whilst we used to do matching outfits (themed of course) and jumpers, now we tend to opt for onesies. I have a Christmas Tree onesie that I bought off ASOS years ago, and my sister is our very own Rudolph. Everyone else is suitably sensibly dressed ~ sometimes my dad is crazy enough to whack out a Christmas jumper or hat ~ but my sister and I certainly bring the cheeeeese.

What games will you be playing?

We actually don’t often play games on Christmas day. Largely because my grandparents never had the concentration to focus on a game for long enough. Buzz is normally loaded into the playstation for a bit of family rivalry but that’s usually as far as it gets. However, this year I hope that changes. I have bought my sister a ‘Stupid Deaths’ game, which as a history fanatic I’m hoping she’ll adore, and I have also bought ‘Listography’ which I played at a friend-mas event a couple of weeks ago and loved. So maybe this year will be the big change.

What will you be eating?

Food is a massive event in my family’s household. My mum makes the traditional Christmas roast for lunch and then times the dinner buffet ~which maybe the highlight of my day ~ so that by the time my nan has eaten, digested, and fallen asleep, the festive specials we want to watch are one and can be enjoyed uninterrupted. It’s a careful science.

What will you be drinking?

I’m not sure if this is odd, but we don’t really drink on Christmas day. It’s probably due to the combination of Christmas just being a way to recapture our childhood (having been the exact same since I was about 3) and my elderly grandparents being present, but the biggest beverage being consumed is tea. We’re wild, don’t you know.

What will you be watching?

Christmas day is usually filled with a variety of Disney films, but this year I am so so excited for the Gavin and Stacey special. Can’t. Bloody. Wait.

Who will you be spending the day with?

I’ve basically answered this but my sister, my parents, and my nan. Sadly, this is the first year we’ll be spending without my wonderful Grandpa, but I’m sure he’ll be looking down telling us we’re doing every wrong haha.

When will you be opening your presents?

We kinda stagger presents in my household. My mum still insists that the presents my parents buy for my sister and I are from ‘Santa’, and therefore are opened first thing in the morning … the same way they have since we were little! The rest of the presents ~ mainly my parents and my nan, though also the presents us ‘children’ have bought the old folk ~ are opened after Christmas dinner. Literally, I’m not lying when I say our Christmas traditions never change. We still sit in the same seats in the lounge to receive our presents! Chaos ensues if one of us moves.

And there we have it! My Christmas traditions. What will you be doing this Christmas day?

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