Mindless Babbling

Trying to avoid New Year Clichés

2017 is over. It went out with the usual bang, signalled by fireworks and excessive 14e94ecf524cef76fec5a407482bfc2e613540635.jpgdrinking, and from its ashes a new year is born. However, something else emerges from the ashes and it comes with such strength it seems unavoidable: New Year clichés. We all know them. This post itself is one of them. They are all around and you cannot escape them, no matter how hard you try to. In the next, we must all bow down to the new year clichés.

I may not be the most consistent blogger, but I always make a point of writing my new year blog post. It feels rude almost not to. And in those posts, I have fulfilled so many of the clichés I could make the ‘new years cliché check list’: New year’s resolutions? Check. Review of the last year? Check. Condemned the word resolutions, choosing a ‘better’, cheesier word like ‘challenges’ in the idle hope that they might be easier to keep that way? Check. Vowed to blog more regularly and then disappeared for three months straight after? Check.

I used to look at the new year with a mixture of excitement, anxiety, and anticipation. For 48736406d87690256dd4abd57b4f0e36686299122.jpga large part, it is still something I look forward to, but I  now more concerned about just getting the year started. Yes, of course I’ve set myself a list of goals and challenges that I want to achieve this year, but I won’t bore you with those. They are more than likely to be similar to everyone else’s and I’ll undoubtedly phrase it less eloquently than others too.

Instead, I thought I might share with you what I want to prioritize this year in the hopes that you might prioritize them too. Over the last few months, as my stressed and responsibilities have grown, I have found that my well-being has severally suffered, often being forgotten and replaced with things I viewed more important. As a result, I have not only my mental health has been affected but also my physical health. So this year, I’m taking a stand. I am ordering myself to put my well-being first before I burn myself out.

To do this, I’m setting myself a few rules ( I know, rules seem the opposite of good for well-being) and activities to make sure I am putting my well-being first. I want to make sure I leave my house more, more than just the usual walk to work or supermarket to do the weekly food shop. I want to read more. I want to talk to my friends more. I want to go out and explore new places more.

I know, I know. It sounds more like a wish list than an action plan, but that’s because I haven’t come up with a plan yet. I’ve just got an idea, a good idea, and I’m bloody well going to try my best to work on it.

How about you ?


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