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Ten Happy Things…


I think, generally, I would regard myself as quite a happy person. Like with everyone, I have low moments, moments where the world gets on top of me and I react either by screaming or crying – or in extreme situations, screaming and crying. But – overall – I think I have a rather positive outlook on life, or at the very least try to convince myself that I have one.

I think this is becuase, in moments I feel low, I’m very quick to bring out my ‘arsenal of happiness’ (as it were), and surround myself with things that make me happy. Admittedly sometimes this involves being a bit trigger happy with the ol’ debit card and spending far too much money, but excessive spending never leaves me feeling a high for very long. No, I thought I would dedicate a post sharing the things that make me happy and things I use to calm the storm of stress, worry, sadness etc when it comes. With September around the corner, I feel like this is the time when everyone is a little more stressed than usual. Whether you’re waiting for school or university to start again or you’re returning to work after a lovely summer, September always seems to symbolise a stressful time. So, I figured I would dedicate this post to positivity and ways that make me happy, just to bring a little bit of sunshine to my corner of the internet.



*Gasp* How unoriginal!

I know, I know. It’s not much of a shock that books make me happy – they are pretty much my main topic of conversation over on this blog – but if I’m stockpiling a list of things that make me happy, it just wouldn’t be right if I didn’t include thf91cb8541a6039826340b8719132d622-barefoot-books-facebook-party.jpgem, would it?

Sometimes, there is nothing truer to bliss that being curled up on the sofa with a good book and a good mug of something. I am a true lover of anything cosy, and once you’ve added a blanket and perhaps a fire, I am a step closer to my own personal paradise, let me just tell you. But it isn’t just reading books that I love… oh no! I love the feel of them, the look of them, the smell of them. Most of all, though, I love talking about books. It should be obvious by this little corner of the internet that I get to call mine, but I love talking about them, whether that means discussing what I think of them, recommending them, or freaking out about the deep and dark meanings of seemingly insignificant words or characters or plots that I can make relevant using my majestic powers of freaking-out-ness and that degree that I oh-so-rarely mention. Books in their entirety are a sure way to make a smile run across my face and I love them for it.


I am a huuuge baker. I always have been. I love baking so much that it has become a crutch in my life. I am 100% a stress baker and that is both a good and a bad thing. Being efef8253b0c8cde057a639cff6c1bc81-cake-quotes-food-quotesthe granddaughter of a chef and the daughter of an avid baker, I didn’t really stand a chance of escaping the cooking bug but, at the same time, I am so glad I didn’t. It does mean, though, that if I am feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or sad, the treatment I have come to rely on is cracking some eggs, creaming some sugar and butter, and making a ridiculous amount of cake. My housemate throughout university always thought this was great and it always meant there was an abundance of sweet treats around the place – except for one morning when she came down to find me in the kitchen, having not gone to sleep, and surrounded by just shy of fifty cakes. This was, of course, in the exam season so I feel like that this was a somewhat reasonable outburst. Maybe.

Whether baking being a coping mechanism is healthy or not, I cannot ignore the fact that it makes me exceptionally happy, especially if I’m baking for others. I love being able to share what I’ve made with others, and I feel like one of my life mottos is that ‘there’s a baked treat for every occasion.’ If you can’t say it in deliciousness, then why bother saying it at all! I am joking of course. Slightly.

Candles, fairy lights, bunting, and blankets: 

As I’ve said, I am a big lover of anything cosy. If you look at my room, you will see it is surrounded by soft blankets, twinkling fairy lights, scented candles, and bunting that looks like it’s only appropriate at a VE day street party (by that I mean that it’s old looking, not that I aggressively cover my room in union jacks). If the world outside is big and scary, I always think it’s important that your home is your safe space, and for me that means making it a place I’d happily be trapped in. There’s nothing I love more of an evening that tucking myself up in some blankets, lighting some candles, turning off the main lights and relying on my fairy lights. The moment that soft orange glow begins to fill my room, I instantly feel at ease.

Writing, letters, and cards:

It may not be a surprise that I love writing, but what you may not know is that I always love sending letters and cards. I love sending little notes and cute greetings, especially when I know the person who will receive it has no idea it’s coming. There really is nothing quite like sending positive vibes out into the universe! If I’m ever out shopping, I’m always on the prowl for good looking cards and sweet little notelets, and I have a huge pile growing on my desk as I type this post. Better get writing, methinks!

Make a list:

I overthink everything and, when I overthink, I often tend to overplan. Much like baking, let’s not waste time thinking about whether this is good or bad for me and just accept it’s a thing that happens. But, from this, I really love making lists. Whether it’s To Do lists, or Shopping Lists, or DayDream lists, I love lists. And if I have a check off list by my side I am instantly happy.


I am one of those people that can’t deal with silence. Where ever I go, I need a little bit of noise, whter that’s the radio, or a TV show, or even the 268x0wsound of my own voice, I need a bit of noise. At the moment, I am absolutely loving Dodie’s new EP You, but, to be honest, if I’m stuck, I tend to just listen to noise effects. My favourite noise, without a doubt, is the sound of rain. If I’m ever feeling down, or just want to feel calm, I just youtube rain and let the sound of drip-drop-drap fill my room. Bloody lovely, let me just tell you.

Dumb Movies:

Another great love of mine is dumb movies. I love crap TV because it means your brain gets to switch off and you can simple just enjoy yourself. This issue with TV is that you get stuck in that TV vortex which starts with you saying you’ll only watch 2 episodes and ends with you being five seasons in and having lost all concenpt of time. The great thing with a movie is that it is 2 hours long and the you can return to real life. Some of my favourites as Fanboys, The Hitchhikers Guide to the Universe, and Trolls.


I love taking pictures. Whether they are lovely snaps of my friends and family or slightly arty pictures (where teh focus is often unintentionally askew)… I love taking photos. If I ever have a dull afternoon, I love searching through old photos and it make me feel all cosy inside.

Friends and Family:

If in doubt, I always surround myself with people I love. Even if it’s just an odd whatsapp message, or a three hour skype session, or a coffee shop trip, sometimes what you need is a quick moment with your closest people to make you feel at ease again.


While I do like to surround myself with poeple, sometimes you do just need to be on your own. In this times, I love going for woalks. I don’t think there is anything quite like strolling your worries away and letting the cool air bite at your face. I’m am quite fortunate in that I live in teh countryside so there are loads of lovely farm fields that I can go exploring in. It is one of the things I am really going to miss when I move and the first thing I will have to find are some good places to go yomping. When it’s slighlty gloomy, I always find I go on the best walks. I don’t know why… maybe the qeather just requires you to be more pensive.


So there you have it. My, what a long post. I hope you have enjoyed the massive read though. Let me know what things make you happy.

Until next time,



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