‘Things Half in Shadow’ by Alan Finn.

… Sèances, Spirits, and Serial Killers …


Edward Clark is a successful Journalist in Philadelphia in 1869 with an inheritance that keeps him comfortable and a beautiful fiancée to match. He also, however, has a terrible history and hidden identity that he will do anything to keep secret, even if that involves teaming up with the fake medium and con artist Lucy Collins to solve the gruesome murder many say could only have been committed by a ghost.

‘Things Half in Shadow’ by Alan Finn is an intriguing and exciting mystery involving ghosts, secrets, deceits and adventure. I picked up this book mainly because I want to use it for my dissertation and, while at times it felt a little long and I wanted to punch the narrator about 90% of the time, I did really enjoy it. I would thoroughly recommend it to any fan of historical fiction and anyone looking for an easy, addictive, fun read.

I have to say the real star for me in this book is Lucy, the fake medium-come-dectective sidekick. Although at moment her character wa s a little cliché, I loved her brass attitude, confidence, and witty remarks (which were mainly targeted at the previously mentioned annoying narrator).

Me, like, 90% of the time Lucy talks

I also really enjoyed the murder mystery aspects of the novel, especially as it has you wondering and suspecting every one of the characters you encounter. Although it was sometimes grating to have Edward Clark know everything (including sometimes excluding things from the reader!) it was infuriating because it had me completely hooked and I needed answers.


Overall I think I would give this book 3/4 stars out of 5 as, although it wasn’t perfect, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and desperately want a sequel.

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