Mindless Babbling

Happy Little Home Bug.

This weekend, I had a revelation: I, in my635837687261937538-61937127_635613033257915401-753424506_87341-theres-no-place-like-home-gif-hrys entirety, am a happy little home bug. Coming home and being surrounded by my family, and familiar things, and love, and (let’s be real) a small menagerie of animals, has made me realise that I, most definitely, cannot be happier than when I am somwhere I can call somewhere home.

Before I went to University, I thought I had the travel bug. I thought I wanted to travel the world, put it to rights, and visit everything I could. To some extent this is still true. I still do want to travel and see some of the world’s most beautiful sites – Canada is still most definitely at the top of my list – but I don’t necessarily have that restlessness I did when I was younger. *though, of course, that makes me sound like I’m looking back at my life from a grand old age rather than an insignificant 21-year-old discussing when she was 18 like it was half a century ago* Maybe it’s because I spend so much time away from home but when I look around my little village in a little corner of Kent, I don’t see the things I want to leave as I once did, but I see the fields I used to ride around and see the school I grew up in and the places I visited with my family. I see a beauty to things I didn’t when I was younger and, to sound quite as pretentious as possible, took things for granted. I guess now I realise that home to me isn’t things. It isn’t a space I have to exist in but a space I want to exist in. I have a patience and a gratitude I just didn’t before.my-studio-my-second-home-yogi

That isn’t to say in Swansea I’m continually waiting to come home, a frown across my face and a longing in my heart. I love staying in Swansea because, when I’m there, that’s home. I love the sea and I love the park and I love the University. Swansea is as much a  part of me as my tiny little corner of the South-East of England. The truth is that I am just happy staying where I am. I am happy knowing my boundaries, knowing every nook and cranny of where I live. I’m never happier than knowing where every alley, every street, every corner leads to. Because, the truth of it is, you’ll never know somewhere completely. There will always be a places you haven’t discovered, secret treasures you aren’t privy to, a history you may never know636079984488564833-1665231693_home20. And that’s why I love being wherever I am. Because, in actuality, it’s always magical.

So, what is the point of this blog post? I guess there isn’t one. I guess this is just another mindless babbling from a happy millennial but, is that such a bad thing? I love where I live fiercely and I am proud to be a happy little home bug.

Until next time.



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