Trapped in Silver by Emily Sowden.

At long last, despite having preordered it so it arrived on its release, I finally picked up and finished Emily Sowden’s Trapped in Silver. I think it’s safe to say that I have really been looking forward to this read, having read the excerpts as they came out before the release, but unfortunately  my Uni reading has meant it has been a fair few weeks until I was able to pick it up.

Having had to take an impromptu trip home to see family, I picked this book up to read on the train and I’m so happy I did because I managed to finish it in one go, which is why I think I got the most out of it. I absolutely loved this book and the moment I finished it I was itching to review it.17498476_10154914000747293_6816854823988601353_n.jpg

Trapped in Silver follows Ava, a seemingly ordinary girl in an almost too ordinary town, as she becomes wrapped up in an adventure involving battles and lost history and demons. Despite everything, she refuses to be weak and her strength helps her uncover secrets she would never have known otherwise to help a war she never knew was happening.

Ava, for me, was a really big selling point for this book. I absolutely love her as a main character and, while I definitely don’t see myself within her because I definitely would have freaked out more and almost certainly have  died in the first few chapters, I really enjoyed reading her. It was reminiscent for me to how I loved reading Izzy Lightwood at like thirteen when I first picked up a TMI book, in that I was just instantly in awe of her and in love with her. Ava won’t let anyone walk over her, is determined to survive, and is so brave, even if sometimes this gets mixed up with recklessness and she ends up in a few sticky situations.

I also really liked the world that Sowden builds, especially as I tend to find, if the world is too different from  ours, it’s easy to become isolated and distanced from the story. Although the world in Trapped in Silver is very different from the ‘real’ world (that phrase is gross – haha) I found that I fell into it really easily. I don’t know if this is because I did read it in one sitting but all I know is that I didn’t want to close it on that train which I do with quite a few books (because 6 hours endlessly staring at a page is slightly mind melting!). I don’t know where I would place it necessarily – it seemed to me to be almost akin to a medieval time period – but I really liked the society that was built as well as the beautiful surroundings. It was, in some respects, just as scary and terrifying and dangerous as the supernatural world Ava encounters later, filled with prejudice and judgement and crime. I really liked that because, maybe it is the lit student within me, but I thought both worlds mirrored each other interestingly. I found it kept me on my toes and threw me into the action instantly.

Another thing I think that really stood out to me is something I normally cannot stand: switching perspectives. I’ve said before that , with switching perspectives, I always find that it has to be done brilliantly or it sticks out like a sore thumb and draws you away from the novel. Well, safe to say, Trapped in Silver does this brilliantly, while also  maintaining a first person narrative voice. I think that this is maybe because you aren’t drowned in multiple perspectives but I thought it was definitely worth mentioning because it is something I’m always quick to critique. I found that, if anything, it kept me hungry for more.

If you haven’t picked it up already, I would definitely recommend picking up this book for a read. It’s fun, fast paced, and full of action and I can already tell I will be boring friends by continuously recommending it.

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