Mindless Babbling

January and February 2017.

I am, and inevitably will forever be, hopelessly nostalgic.

Since a young age, I’ve always tried to attach too much importance to pointless things just so, one day, I might look back and remember some insignificant event that happened on one insignificant day. I love it and I know I won’t ever change. Call it ridiculous, call it stupid, call it whatever you like, but I know i will never change. And I don’t want to. I love the idea that me in this moment is leaving a lasting footprint, even if no one will ever come to see it. Because then at least it was there.

Now, what is the point of all this drivel?

Last year,  I tried (unsuccessfully) to document the months of 2016 within videos, capturing the moments and trips that would be forgotten otherwise in the distance of time. Although, slowly as the year progress, I abadoned my camera and forgot to capture the months, it is something I want to pick up  again this year.

January and February, for me, were months filled with love, safety, and comfort. I spent the majority of January back home, surrounded by my family and everything familiar. Being away from home is difficult, but going through these clips brought a true smile to my face, and means I can’t wait to see everyone soon. In February, one of my oldest and closest friends came to visit me in Swansea and we had a fantastic time. I got to show her the beach and the musuems and everything I love about where I live. It was so much fun to see that which I see every day through new eyes, through the eyes of a visitor, and I think I fell in love with where I live all over again.

You can watch my video here

I’m excited to start this project again and I can’t wait to share March with you.

Until next time.



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