Current TBR.

So several months have passed since my last blog post and, if I’m being perfectly honest, dust piles are beginning to grow on top of my books. I don’t know if I’ve entered some kind of slump or if it’s because term has started and therefore I’ve convinced myself I just don’t have the time, but lately I have found it really difficult to even pick up a book to read. Therefore, I figured what better way to kick-start blogging again and hopefully get me excited to read than post a little TBR. At the very least it meant I could get some pretty book pictures!

While at the moment I am currently trying to pull/drag/force my way through the Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch (a friend’s favourite read that she suggested I read and, because it’s her favourite read, I can’t put it down even though every time I pick it up I’m counting down the pages until it is over), I can’t wait to start these reads as they sound so fascinating.

A book that I suppose needs little introduction is that of Marissa Meyer’s latest release, Heartless. I am a huge fan of the Lunar Chronicles and am always trying to get anyone who will listen to read it. I think the writing style is so beautiful and the characters are so well constructed and, even though I am not usually a fan of Sci-Fi, I really digged the use of this genre, especially when fused with Fairy Tale retellings which are probably my favourite things ever. Ever since this new retelling was announced I have wanted it in my hands. For those who don’t know, Heartless is a retelling of the Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland, however is set before she was the Red Queen, or the Queen of Hearts, when she was simply a young girl dreaming of love. Alice in Wonderland is one of my favourite books ever, ever since it was first read to me with my mum tucked up in bed when I was little, and therefore I am always a bit wary of retellings. I am always worried it will never live up to my expectations and that I will undoubtedly  be surrounded by disappointment. However, written by a writer I absolutely adore, and not necessarily rewriting a Classic but offering a new light, I am so excited to start this book and see exactly what Meyer does with the characters and the world.

Affinity by Sarah Waters is actually a book that I need to read as I am contemplating analysing it for my dissertation however that doesn’t stop the fact that I am really excited to start it. Set in the Victorian period, Waters deals with the spectacle that were mediums and spirit shows along with her usual discussion of lesbianism. Having recently starting a module of Queer theory, queer here meaning something along the lines of ‘deviating from the expected norm’ rather than a viscous 20th century slur about homosexuality, I am really looking forward to reading this and considering all the different forms of Queerness within it, especially as I always find her writing so fascinating.

Trapped in Silver by Emily Sowden is a book that I have already talked about on this blog so those that have read my last post will know how excited I am for it. I haven’t read too much into the plot of this because I think that it’s best to enter it knowing nothing. I’ve already sort of reserved this for my next train journey home as, in order to get the most out of it, I think it’s probably going to be a  ‘best-done-in-one-go’ read, and if I can’t finish the majority of it in 6 hours I don’t how I’ve coped doing a degree in Literature for the last (nearly) four years! The writing style seems really fast paced and action packed, and with a main female character who kicks ass what more could you ask for?

Finally is a book I picked up by chance whilst visiting my local Waterstones for all the wrong reasons: because it was so darn beautiful. That being said, despite of or maybe because of its beauty, the plot sounds really intriguing. Set in the mysterious Saintstone, we enter a world where there are no secrets, where our every action and every deed is marked onto your skin, and Leora has something to hide. There are no other clues than that and, as predictable as it is, I love a good book that’s a bit of a tease.

So those are the books I’m planning on picking up next. Let me know if you’ve read any or if any particularly tiggle your fancy, and what book you’re planning to read next.

Until next time.



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