‘Trapped in Silver’ extracts review!

Trapped in Silver by Emily Sowden is a book I have been anticipating for a long time. It comes out on the 7th Feb 2017 so it isn’t quite in my page devouring hands but Oftomes (the publishers) have released the first four chapters on Wattpad and, on seeing this, I just had to check them out. And boy oh boy. If I wasn’t already staring at the countdown for when it will be released, I certainly am now.

30294279The novel follows Ava, a seventeen year old farmer’s daughter, caught in an unsettled world. She faces dangers from every corner – wild woodcats, hungry stragglers, and simple-minded town folk – but she also carries a strange silver necklace with abnormal powers. Ava is thrown into a world of uncertainty and danger when she encounters Ethan, an unusual  stranger, and when her missing brother surfaces, she become entangled in the centuries-long war and discovers truths of a violent history of love, loss, and betrayal.

As, like I say, this book isn’t out yet, my description is based wholly on the synopsis given on Amazon so don’t shoot me that it isn’t amazingly in-depth, but I would surprised if it doesn’t pull you in even a little bit. I have to say, it has one of the greatest teasers ever, I think, on Amazon:”Courage comes from a shadowed place in our hearts; a blurred line that straddles love and sheer stupidity.” I mean if that doesn’t make you want to at least consider this read I don’t know what will?

When I saw on twitter that the first four chapters had been released earlier, like I say, I just had to check it out. And what a delight.

I have to say, and I know it is only four chapters, but the writing absolutely pulled me in. As a whole, the writing was action packed and fast paced and worked brilliantly. There’s little worse than a narrative that … moves…so..slowly, so slow you spend most of your time just thinking, ‘hurry up and get to the point!’ Well, not with this. I love that the first chapter starts in the dead of night as it really builds up the drama and the mystery. As Ava is introduced through the first person narrative, nameless for quite a few paragraphs, you instantly feel yourself being drawn in and hooked – it soon becomes impossible to stop reading.

Leading on from this, the setting is also really interesting and dramatic. Ava and her family own a farm belonging to a town with a people who are definitely characterised as less than pleasant. Ava literally has to dress up and pose as her brother to ‘protect’ herself and there is this mysterious ‘Matching’ where parents sell off their daughters to any man with money, it is suggested anyway. This hostile and backward background really makes you root for Ava and makes the characters you encounter seem so much more vulnerable in a world of thugs. I felt an instant connection to Ava because of the troubles she is surrounded by and I can’t imagine you not being.

My only critique is that, in those four chapters, there seemed to be a lot of mystery but I wouldn’t say I necessarily know what is going to happen yet. It might be that in the next couple of chapters some huuuge hook will happen and we will be thrown into the massive adventure hinted at in the synopsis but at the moment it seems like a lot of introduction and mystery but nothing massive has happened …. yet!

On the whole, I am still absolutely buzzing for this book and I really recommend checking out the chapters released on Wattpad (linked in the first paragraph) if for nothing else but simply to dip your toes into it. Happy Reading!



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