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2017 Resolutions …



So 2016 is finally over. Hooray?! Actually, while 2016 was significantly horrible, the year actually had quite a few positives for me: I started writing more; I worked on my mental health; I found some new bookish favourites. But, rather than dwell on the year that has passed, I’m ready to start plowing forward with the new one so I figured what better way to get started than to set myself some goals?

While I’m not a big believer in resolutions as I think it is so easy to get hung up if you don’t achieve them, I do always like pushing myself and choose to set ‘goals’ rather than steadfast resolutions. This year I’ve set myself 5 lifestyle goals and 5 bookish goals, all new challenges I want to start or continuing challenges I set myself last year, so here we go!



1: Do something active each day – As a Literature student and general coach potato, I spend a lot of my time sat down with my nose in a book. I did start being more active in 2016, picking up jogging and joining the gym, things I’m definitely planning on continue, but I am only able to do those at most 3 times a week. The rest of the time, I am sat down with said nose in said book. But no more (I hope). This year I want to do something each day, even if that is only going for a walk, maybe with my camera as an excuse to take pretty pictures. At the very least, this will get me out of the house and help with some of the stress that always accompanies life. I hope anyway.

2: Finish my Manuscript – In 2016, I started writing a story I wanted to finish that year. 12 months later, I’m still only halfway through. In 2017, I want to finish writing it and definitely have a first draft by December. Ideally, I would like to have a draft that is close to being able to be sent off but I don’t want to put too much pressure on it because I know I will just abandon it and never pick it up again.

3: Write something each month that isn’t my manuscript – One of my big fears is that I will just put down my manuscript and not pick it up again. I’ve done it in the past and I want to do everything I can not to do it again. To prevent this, I want to challenge myself and write something different each month, hopefully improving my writing skills AND (fingers crossed) stopping me getting too familiar with my story and/or putting it down and abandoning it.

4: Publish each week – I really am enjoying blogging (even though I have only just started) so I want to push myself and publish one blog post at least a week. Hopefully. Potentially. I really want to keep this one.

5: Learn a Language – I am always really jealous of people who can speak a different language so, this year, I would really like to learn a new language. I haven’t decided which but I would like to try. Or maybe just encounter a language each month to learn a few words. I don’t know. In my mind, this time next year I will be able to read any book in any language but I know that’s not true. But you know. Dream on.



1: Finish a Classic a month – If you saw my lastpost you will know that I recently bought a hell of a lot of Classics. I definitely have enough to last me all year so I would like to check out a new Classic a month to a) help me finish that TBR and b) will help me broaden my horizons which is a big theme this year.

2: Read more Diversely – This is a goal I’ve meant to set myself each year but never do and that is to read more diversely. What I mean by this is both need more diversely when it comes to writers but also to read more diversely when it comes to plots and characters.

3: Listen to one audiobook a month – I don’t really listen to many audiobooks which means a lot of book pass me by and that makes me really upset. Therefore this year I want to set myself the challenge of listening to one audiobook a month, hopefully letting me fall in love with a new style of reading and fall in love with more books.

4: Check out a new series each month – There have been so many series recently that I’ve added to my TBR but just haven’t checked out so this year I want to check out one series each month. I’m not necessarily planning on finishing whole series each month as I’m sure there will be some I just can’t be bothered to finish, but at least if I check them out I can always return to them.

5: And, finally, read more blogs – I’m fairly new to this old blogging malarkey and, while I love booktube, I would really like to check out more blogs this year both for inspiration but also just because who doesn’t love reading about books?

And there they are – my 2017 goals. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and hopefully it’s given you some inspirations if you were stuck. What are your goals for this year?




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