Mindless Babbling

A Very Studenty Christmas…

I will quite happily admit that I am a Christmas-a-holic. I love everything about the festive season and this year I have caught the bug badly. I think it’s because Christmas to me is such a family time and, as I have been feeling quite homesick at the moment, I think I have been overcompensating when it comes to decorations and other festive fun times!

Having Christmas at Uni is a little challenging. Everyone is on a budget and everyone has little groups of friends which makes it difficult to organise something with everyone. Normally, we do a big meal somewhere exotic like a good Wetherspoons (exciting I know) and then move to a pub for a few drink but not this year!


My ‘group’ of friends has got a little smaller this year with people disappearing after the end of their degrees and only a few of us doing Masters, but I also think it has made us so much closer. There are six of us in total so we thought why not have a family Christmas with a proper sit down meal and pyjamas and board games and Christmas films and I have to say it was absolutely lovely. The only obstacle that we had to hurdle was, of course, the budget. Christmas, while lovely, is always quite pricey and so I was worried about how to make a ‘budget’ friendly Christmas, especially if we were doing a proper meal with all the trimmings etc. In the end we didn’t do to badly, with it costing just under £9 each which I really don’t think is that bad, so I thought it might be quite nice to share with you what I bought and cooked etc in case you want to throw your own little shindig. That, and it gave me an excuse to take lots of festive photos.

I did plan to organise a big food delivery so that I didn’t have to shop in an actual store as I knew I would go crazy and was worried I would ruin the budget. This was the plan but, like with every plan I ever make, it soon went out of the window. Now, I would have to say I think this is the first time in my life I’ve ever had sleepless nights over a Turkey but, you know, there always has to be a first! During one of these sleepless nights, I thought I would wander into town and buy a turkey crown, with the idea that I would then just take it off the Online Food Shop and wander home to try and sleep. Well… half an hour later and a quick trolley change I came to the conclusion I might as well just buy the food now and cancel the Online order. Thank goodness one of my friends has just as much trouble getting to sleep as me and, more importantly, had a car and came and rescued me otherwise I don’t know how I would have got home with that many bags!


We all had such a lovely day and it was just brilliantly. Plus, I cooked a whole bloody Christmas dinner – do I get a medal?

So yes, that was my little Christmas and it put such a smile across my face.


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