Wrap ups

Nanowrimo 2016 wrap up!

So November has drawn to a close and with it so has a month of hectic writing. While I didn’t actually win either fo my goals (reaching 50,000 or 30,000 words) I am super proud of myself for reaching 29,000 words. While I have come to adore Nano (with the grand total of two that I have completed that is) I do find with the fixed “50,000 words” goal, it is so easy to sell yourself short if you don’t reach it. BUt whatever number you’ve reached, that’s still an improvement and you get to be ruddy well proud of yourself.

Even though I actually wrote less than last year I think I actually got the most out of it. I suffered from writer’s block super early on but kept going though until I crushed it. I also tried scenarios and perspectives I don’t think I would have dared to if it wasn’t Nano so I am very happy with my self.

I did vlog my updates to Nanowrimo, so if you are interested you can check that out here

So what next? Last year, December become a ‘what novel?’ month as my manuscript grew cobwebs ain my laptop’s hard drive. But not this year! I’m already writing down my writing goals for this month and I thought what better way to ensure I fulfil them than making myself accountable on the internet! So here they are (fingers crossed I finish them):

  1. Reach 15,000 words. WHile this might not seem like a lot after the enormity of Nano, I am hoping it is a realistic goal. Assignment season is coming soon so, while I don’t want to abandon my novel I can’t necessarily put it first.
  2. Finish Two Chapters. Nano taught me that my chapters are far too long and while this can be fixed in editing, I want to try to make my chapters more fast paced and action packed.
  3. Edit Four Chapters. As I know I won’t be able to all that much writing over the next month, I don’t want to just abandon my novel. Therefore I want to begin editing some of the novel, which is definitely going to be a mammoth task. It has also been so long since I actually started the novel and the story and characters have developed so much, I want to make sure that the characters that start the novel and the same ones that finish it (if that makes sense).

But yes, those are my plans. I hope you had a lovely Nano if you took part and are having a lovely december regardless. x


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