Just a Passing Wave,

How to start? I’m never very good at that, starting I mean. I always like to imagine myself in the middle of something – far away from an awkward beginning and with a sorrowful ending far away in the distance.

So here we are – halfway through an introduction. What to say? What to say? Well, my name is Bronwen, I’m 21, currently studying for my Masters in English Literature, and I love books. For the last 2 years I have had a booktube channel and have spent my time ranting and raving about the books I devoured. But now, as I prepare to enter the real world, I realise I can’t post as much as I like, both because of time but also because of my big bad adult job. Next September I will be standing in a classroom but this time I will be at the front, leading the lesson. Because of this, I don’t necessarily feel comfortable plastering my face all over Youtube, especially as I will be teaching in a secondary school, but that doesn’t mean I ready to stop ranting. Therefore, I thought ‘why not just blog?’ I’ve had blogs before and I thought it was about time to get out the rusty keyboard and start typing.

So there it is, an awkward hello. I hope you enjoy my little corner of the internet!


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